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Business Problem

This is the project that launched my passion for UX and Website Design. In my previous career as a physical therapist, I started local programs including childbirth classes, mobile physical therapy services, a local community support group for moms, and other wellness services. I had a problem though: I needed a website for people to find and obtain my products and services. What problems did moms in my community really need solved? How could I build trust with my community and improve their experience as moms? Read on to hear how I solved these problems and discovered my true passion, user experience. 


Customer Discovery #1

As I started getting curious about my target audience, I started conducting customer discovery interviews. From the information I gathered, I developed a persona to design my site and products for. After collecting feedback from previous clients and surveys and additional interviews of local moms, I designed version 2 of my website on

Website Version 2

Laptop displaying Vibrant PT Site Version 2
Mobile Phone displaying Vibrant PT Site Version 2 Home Page
Mobile displaying Vibrant PT Site Version 2 Pregnancy Page
Persona Illustrated in Figma that shows Lauren, mom of 2
Design Iterations

Customer Discovery #2

With user experience training under my belt, I decided that I could create a better user journey for both expectant and postpartum moms visiting my site and experiencing my products. So I conducted competitive analysis and another round of customer discovery with improved research methods to inform my final designs for version 3 of my website.

Design Iterations

Clarifying Scope

Considering the results of my user research, I clarified the scope of my new website and online products and selected the most relevant features and products to my users.

Spreadsheet displaying project scope
Yellow Highlights = Priority Features
Design Iterations

User Decision Path

Based on user research and feature prioritization, I laid out a decision path for my two main personas. I see this as a major improvement from version 2. I previously had no clear path for the 2 separate users.

Website Version 3

After deciding on features to include on my site, I conducted research about technologies to use for those features. I decided to move my entire site over to self-hosted WordPress and dove into creating a functioning prototype. See the highlights in the gallery below or click the button to check out the full experience!

Iphone screen displaying Vibrant Physical Therapy and Wellness Website

This site ends here because I fell in love with design

The process of performing user research and creating designs and products that solved user problems made me realize that this is what I really love to do – user experience and web development. I have put a pause on further iterations of this site because….

I am now designing a women’s health app!

Instead of performing usability testing on a site that no longer serves the same purpose, I will be designing a women’s health app with a freelance client. Stay tuned for the updates and email me at if you would like more information or would like to work with me – I’m currently accepting 1 more freelance client.

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Invigorating Motion PT Website

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