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Business Problem

This mobile physical therapy practice owner was looking to redesign her website for a new target audience. She had previously hired a wordpress website designer but they were having difficulty creating home page designs that convinced the new target audience to book an evaluation with this company. The previous referral sources were word of mouth, so an efficient and thorough customer discovery process was necessary. I was able to help the owner identify a new target audience, key business and website goals, formulate user research, and identify user flows to inform the design of final wireframes and mockups for implementation by the website designer.

This project had a limited budget, so I focused on providing the most cost and time effective methods for designing a wireframe that her designer could implement.


Original Home Page

The client felt that their website was too busy and unclear.

See the original website in the gallery below.

Screenshot display of Invigorating PT's homepage
Screenshot display of Invigorating PT's homepage
Screenshot of Invigorating Motion PT Website
Screenshot of Invigorating Motion PT Website
Screenshot of Invigorating Motion PT Website
Screenshot of Invigorating Motion PT Website
Screenshot of Invigorating Motion PT Website

Client Discovery

During a discovery call, I learned that this provider had previously been receiving word of mouth referrals working with a different target audience, individuals wanting mobile outpatient services after being discharged from home health. The business’ newly identified target audience was weekend warriors and athletes. Additionally, the owner had a goal to generate passive income on the site with online courses. A big barrier to reaching this news target audience was that there was currently limited traffic to the site as there was no previous need for SEO strategies.

Opportunity Importance Feasibility Chart

Site Goals

Project goals for the site: 

  • provide weekend warriors/athletes the information they needed to call to schedule an evaluation from the home page
  • future capability to sell their online courses to visitors

Customer Discovery

To help understand the user pain points and user journey from experiencing their problem to booking an evaluation or purchasing a course, I created surveys to be distributed to weekend warriors and athletes.

User Problems Identified: Weekend warriors and athletes experiencing pain or looking to improve their performance have difficulty finding a provider they trust to help them perform at their highest ability in their chosen sport(s). In order to book an evaluation, they are looking for someone who is transparent about their pricing, has speciality knowledge and experience working with athletes, cares about them, will help get to the root of their issues, and is easy to schedule with.

Decision Path

User Flow


Home Page Wireframe

Created for the wordpress designer to implement.


Prototype for the Client

Since the client was not technical and not familiar with wireframes, I decided to create an additional prototype for discussion with the client. Due to budget constraints, a hand-drawn prototype was used to provide an example of how the wordpress designer can incorporate content and images to convince the target audience to call to schedule an evaluation.


Final Design

My role in this project was completed with the creation of the wireframe and prototype. The client is working with their wordpress designer to implement these designs and an update will be provided when this is complete. 


In an ideal world, this project would have included personas and prototypes and user testing, but in the real world, project budget often dictates that we creatively choose what features and processes will be the most effective to create a minimum viable product that still meets requirements. I appreciated the challenge of clarifying this project and having to prioritize features and methods for delivering a viable product within a budget.

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